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Alias: Venom

Real Name: Undisclosed

Age: 27

Date of Birth: July 31, 1976

Marital Status: Single

Height: 5'6"

Weight: 115

Hair Color: Silver (Feather like texture)

Eye Color: Ice blue

Skin Color: Pale Silver-Blue (it shimmers like scales)

Mutation (in simplistic terms): Poisonous/Metallic blood, Pheromone control, can breathe underwater, Shadow Blending, and silver metallic weapons that can change form at wrists.

Team Affiliation: The X-Men (Co-Leader)

Place of Birth: Seattle, Washington

Interests: Reading, Engineering weapons technician

Education: Venom holds the knowledge of a college professor with a Ph.D. even though she only finished school through high school. She was not allowed into college because she was a mutant, but educated herself dedicating seven years after high school to nothing but study.


Venom grew up in Seattle, Washington, on a house on the bay. As a child, she was able to go to school when her mother began covering her blue skin with make-up. When she was younger, Venoms skin was not the same shad of blue that it is today; when she reached puberty, it changed to the darker silver-blue she is known for today. When she was in high school and her skin began to change colors both she and her mother learned that make-up could no longer cover the bluish color of her skin. Enduring taunts and teasing for her last years of High School, Venom focused entirely on her studies. Despite her grades, Venom was denied the Valedictorian position because she was a mutant.

After High School, Venom moved out of her parents home and began working in bars at night as a bar tender and a dancer to make money to pay for her personal studies. She was making good money and happy with her life where she was no longer persecuted for looking different when she learned that her parents had been killed. Raiders looking for her had burned down her house, with her mother and father inside. Frightened for her life, Venom ran to the East Coast where she took up her old life style of bar tending and dancing in order to study.

After her parents deaths, Venom threw herself into her studies more than she had before and in a very short period of time gained knowledge that if she had been allowed to attend college, she would have received a Ph.D. at the age of 21.

No longer happy with her nightlife, Venom went in search of a life where she could put her knowledge to work. While searching for a job where she would be allowed to work, she met a man in a wheelchair named Charles Xavior. He offered her a home and a job as a professor at a school he would be creating if she, in return, helped him to find students just like her. Venom agreed and is now beginning her search for other mutants with Professor Xavior.


Venom gets her name not only from her "Venomous" blood, but also from her temper. She is normally quiet and easy going, but her temper is quick and Venom can go from being a sweet, soft spoken young woman, to a boisterous tyrant who might rip someones head off if they make a wrong move. When she is not angry (which does not happen very often), Venom is a good listener, a good friend (where she can find any), and a dedicated student.

Details on Mutations:

Venom has aquatic like mutations. She is able to breathe underwater and she seems to be most in her element while in water as well. Her blue skin color allows her to virtually disappear underwater when she chooses. Her dark red blood contains trace elements of a strong poison as well as a silver metal, similar to the adamantium found in Wolverines skeleton, but not nearly as strong. While she was studying, Venom created a pair of gauntlets she wears on her wrists that collect the metal from her blood and create weapons she can use in battle. Advancements in her invention have allowed her to add settings to the gauntlets. Venom is able to produce long silver swards or to shoot small silver spikes from her gauntlets. Every weapon she creates contains trace amounts of the poison in her blood making them deadly weapons or powerful sedatives.

Like some fish in the water, Venom is able to completely blend into her surroundings as a defense mechanism. This change is not perfect, however; Venom can only completely disappear in shadowed areas. If she were to attempt a Shadow Shift in a well-light area, a noticeable distortion is seen wherever she stands.

Venom also has control over powerful pheromones, able to release them into a room whenever she pleases. These pheromones make her irresistible to the opposite sex and makes for an amazing distraction in emergency situations. (Venom put this ability to use as a dancer. She made higher tips with men who could not resist her for some reason).

Both the pheromones and the potency of Venoms blood can be controlled through meditation. By meditating, Venom is able to raise the toxicity of the poison in her blood stream to the point that it would kill on impact; she could also lower it to the point that it would barley put a five-year-old child to sleep. This meditation also allows Venom to more easily control her pheromones and increases their potency when she chooses to do so. When she is using her pheromones to their full potential, the poison from her blood seeps into her lips giving Venom a deadly kiss. She has never had to use this power.

Special Notes:

Venom has dedicated her life to learning and now that she has the opportunity to bring education to other people like her, she will stop at nothing to fulfil the goal she has created with Xavior.

Alias: Laser

Real Name: Scott Edwards (though will typically just use Laser)

Age: 24

Date of Birth: March 4

Marital Status: Single

Height: 5'10"

Weight: 190 LB

Hair Color: Brown, worn short

Eye Color: Steel Gray

Skin Color: Caucasian, slightly tanned

Build: Toned, athletic body, a runner's physique

Mutation (in simplistic terms): Absorption, generation, and manipulation of light and heat energy

Team Affiliation: X-Men (Co-Leader)

Place of Birth: New Brunswick, NJ

Interests: reading, writing, role playing, athletics, science fiction

Education: BA Communications, MA Business Management

Background: Powers surfaced at age 14. Contacted shortly after by Charles Xavier and offered training and understanding of his powers, what it means to be a mutant, and his vision of a united society of human and mutant. Trained during high school and college, then agreed to join Xavier in seeking out new mutants when asked.

Personality: Cultivates a tough guy personality but will go to any lengths to help others.

Details on Mutation(s): Projection of lasers from hands or omnidirectional 'starburst' that depletes all energy for 12-24 hours unless a substantial heat source is available. Projection of solid light, translucent shields. Flight (highly maneuverable in the air, glows gold when in flight). Temperature resistance. IR and UV sight. Ability to sense heat patterns in all directions around him. Invisibility (self only, cannot use active powers while invisible)

Special Notes: Skilled in leadership, first aid, quarterstaff, hand to hand, knives, broad based knowledge in physical sciences, biology, computers. Has learned to shield his mind form telepaths and resist domination.


Alias: Gambit

Real Name: Remy LeBeau "The Beautiful"

Age: Unrevealed

Date of Birth: Unrevealed

Marital Status: Single, Separated from Wife

Height: 6 2"

Weight: 180 lbs.

Hair Color: Brown

Eye Color: Brown - Red

Skin Color (If applicable): Caucasian

Mutation (in simplistic terms): Molecular Kinetic Excitement

Team Affiliation: X-Men (2IC), Thieves Guild

Place of Birth: New Orleans, Louisiana 

Interests: Unrevealed

Education: Thieves Guild

Under Construction
Remy is a charming rogue to put it lightly. He enjoys being flirtatious and cunning. Hes very secretive about his past even to those he lets get close to him. He can be a devoted friend. 

Details on Mutation(s):
Gambit has the ability to harness the latent potential energy in objects and transmute into kinetic energy that has explosive results.

Alias: Archangel

Real Name: Warren Kenneth Worthington III

Age: 25

Date of Birth:

Marital Status: single

Height: 6 Ft.

Weight: 150 lbs.

Hair Color: Blonde

Eye Color: Blue

Skin Color: Blue

Mutation : Has Wings, Strong Bones, tall

Team Affiliation: (current) X-Men, (former) X-Factor, Defenders, Champions, Horsemen of the Apocalypse

Place of Birth: Centerport, Long Island, New York

Interests: Adventure, money

Education: College

Background: History: Warren Worthington III was attending a private school in his adolescence when wings began to grow from his shoulder blade. The wings reached their full adult size within months, but Worthington kept them a secret by strapping them tightly to his back and concealing them under his clothes. At first he thought himself a freak. However, Worthington learned that he could use his wing to fly, and came to enjoy his new ability. Then, one night there was a fire in his dormitory, and he resolved to use his flying power to rescue the people inside. To conceal his identity, Worthington wore a long blond wig and a long nightshirt, so that he looked like an angel. The rescue was successful, and his identity remained a secret.  Shortly thereafter Worthington became a costumed crime fighter in New York City under the name of the Avenging Angel. He was then contacted by the X-Men and agreed to join them.

Personality: A nice guy, serious

Details on Mutation(s):
Angel is a mutant who can fly by means of his natural. Fully feathered like a bird's, the wings have a very flexible skeletal structure, enabling him to press them to the back of his torso and legs with only the slightest bulge visible under his clothing. His wings have superhuman strength and can create enough lift to enable him to carry aloft at least 500 pounds in addition to his own weight. Angel's entire anatomy is naturally adapted to flying. His bones are hollow like a bird's, making him weigh far less than usual for a man of his build. His body is virtually devoid of fat and possesses
greater proportionate muscle mass than an ordinary human does.

Special Notes: His metal wings, given by Appoc. Shoot darts out of them. He was one of the four horsemen, briefly named "Death"


Alias: None


Real Name: Circe


Age: 26


Date of Birth: August 15, 1977


Marital Status: Single


Height: 53"


Weight: 125 lbs.


Hair Color: Auburn, long, mid back with a bit of wave


Eye Color: Black and when emotional her eyes go entirely black


Mutation (in simplistic terms): Mimic animal abilities.


Team Affiliation: None at the moment


Place of Birth: Warsaw, Kansas


Interests: Undisclosed


Education: Grammar school and some high school



Circe and her sister were left in the parking lot of a hospital. Circe was one year old and her sister, but hours. They were fostered out to separate homes and Circe never saw her sister

again. The only thing Circe had on her person was a silver bracelet with her name on it. As such she as kept the name and none others. - Personal History: Circe was raised in foster homes as

she turned out to be a trouble child, strong willed and always demanding to be let seen her sister. As such she wound up in an environment of severe abuse. Surprising that she should even

remember her sister it was one of the things that kept her going, enduring even when she was told that her sister would never be known to her. She was family and to Circe that meant

everything anything as that was all she had. Circe had no idea that she was a mutant, none at all so that imagine her surprise when at 13 and her foster father came for her that she struck out

with the strength of a mountain gorilla. She really didnt know what happened, but that she remembered thinking she wished she were strong as the gorilla shed done a report on in school.

Then bam her foster father was across the room unconscious. Circe didnt need to be told twice as she lit out fearful for retribution and just plain wanting to get away. It was over the next

few years that Circe discovered what she was, she was a mutant. Not fearful of the fact she explored her abilities, training herself in their use so that she could make her way across country

to try and find her sister. It was in her travels that she heard tell of a school run by a man named Professor Xavier who helped people like herself. Circe lit out for that school thinking that if she

was a mutant well then maybe her sister is and thatthis man could help find her maybe.




Details on Mutation(s): Mimic animal abilities, such as fast as a cheetah, strong as an elephant, however she can only use one animal ability at a time. Circe is a street fighter, which she has

learnedon the road in surviving. Circe can also speak Spanish. She often carries a switchblade.

Alias: Colossus    

Real Name: Peter (Piotr) Rasputin Nikavalitch

Age: 25

Date of Birth: Unknown

Marital Status: single

Height: 6'6" (normal), 7'5" (armored)

Weight: 250 lbs. (normal), 500 lbs. (armored)

Hair Color: black (normal and armored)

Eye Color: blue (normal) silver (armored)

Skin Color (If applicable): Flesh (normal) silver 

Mutation (in simplistic terms): Colossus was a mutant with the ability to convert his body tissue into an organic, steel-like substance -- granting him superhuman strength and a high degree of 
resistance to injury. The composition of this material was unknown, but it appeared to be analogous to osmium and carbon steel.

Team Affiliation: X-men

Place of Birth: Ust-Ordynski Collective, Siberia, U.S.S.R.

Interests: painting and drawing, Piotr is a gentle giant with a poet's soul



Piotr Rasputin was born on the Ust-Ordynski Collective near Lake Baikal in Siberia. His mutant abilities emerged during adolescence, 
but the kind-hearted youngster was content simply to use his incredible strength and durability to aid his fellow farmers. Soon, 
however, the reality of a world on the brink of genetic war would intrude on the simple life to which he had grown accustomed. 
Professor Charles Xavier -- telepathic, telekinetic founder of the masked, mutant X-Men -- contacted Piotr when the sentient island 
called Krakoa captured his original students. Reluctantly, Piotr agreed to help Xavier's other new recruits. After the battle was 
won, Piotr remained in the United States with the X-Men. Hated and feared for his strange and frightening powers, Colossus and his 
teammates stood in opposition to those who would use their genetic gifts to subjugate humanity. 

Personality: Piotr is a noble and gentle man who would rather paint than fight. However he is highly protective of those who he cares 
for and can fight with a fierceness that would put even Logan to shame.

Details on Mutation(s): Strength level: 
(human form) lift/press aprox. 800-1000 lbs -- Olympic-class power-lifter levels. (armored form) originally could lift aprox. 70 tons, but has 
increased dramatically over the years. Currently, Colossus is estimated to be the strongest living mutant on
Earth; able to lift over 100-110 tons.

Armored form Resistances/Immunities: 
Virtually immune to heat/flame and cold -- can withstand a full-forced blast from the Human Torch and/or Iceman without any effects. 
Colossus can survive in extreme temperatures from -320 Fahrenheit to approx. 9000 Fahrenheit. It is not known if he could withstand the 
heat from a star.

Magical resistance/immunity due to iron-content; most magical entities are highly vulnerable to cold iron. Colossus has also been shown to be 
resistant/highly effective against Magical Entities such as the Adversary and Inferno.

Can withstand physical force on the order of being hit by a speeding 5000-ton train without taking damage. Also highly resistant to most 
other forms of energy -- electricity (it can't hurt him, but it can be passed through him to affect others), plasma (immune to Havock's 
blasts), light/laser/photon blasts, etc.He could survive a collision with a loaded, one-ton flatbed truck at 100 miles per hour 
or an explosion of 450 pounds of TNT. 

He can survive extremes of temperature from 70 degrees above absolute zero (-390 degrees Fahrenheit) to approximately 9000 
Fahrenheit. However, it is theorized that above the latter temperature, his armored form would begin to melt. 

Colossus's armored form cannot rust under normal Earth conditions.

Colossus's eye can withstand an impact from a .45 caliber bullet. He can also withstand the penetration of a 110 millimeter howitzer 

Can be affected (but virtually immune to harm) by Magnetism.

Very vulnerable to strong acids; anything on the level of concentrated sulfuric acid or stronger can eat through his armored 
form, making him vulnerable to otherdamage.

Mental Resistance:   
Trained by various telepaths in mind-strengthening techniques, giving him resistance to most low-leveled telepaths. However, 
emotion-altering powers or similar things tend to (in the past) sway him fairly easily. Particularly relating to/from Illyana (aka Magik).

Speed and Agility: Piotr is much faster than his size would indicate -- speed, reaction- time, and reflexes are on the level of 
an average gymnast.

Alias: None at the moment

Real Name: Daren Jensen

Age: 17

Date of Birth: 1982

Marital Status: Single

Height: 510"

Weight: 175 lbs

Hair Color: Brown

Eye Color: Gold

Skin Color (If applicable): Tanned

Mutation (in simplistic terms): shapeshifting, healing factor,

Team Affiliation: None at the moment

Place of Birth: the streets of Chicago

Interests: staying alive and free, honing his mutant abilities

Education: Basic arithmetic, reading, street knowledge

Background: Daren grew up on the streets of Chicago. His childhood was short, as the streets kill all who dont respect them. When Daren was twelve, he was jumped by a local gang for not paying tribute for being on their turf. It was this beating, that triggered Darens latent mutant abilities. In a surge of adrenaline, Daren changed into a creature out of a horror film and nearly killer his attackers. After, he had calmed down he shifted back to his normal form.

After a few months of constant practice, Daren became somewhat proficient at shapeshifting. Later Daren used his mutant ability to break into stores for things to steal and to eat. Recently, He has received a message in his head to come to a place called Xaviers Institute for Higher Learning.

Personality: Somewhat of a loner, but loyal to those he calls friend. Daren tends to keep his emotions to himself.

Details on Mutation(s): Darens mutant ability of shapeshifting is a wide ranging one. He can change his shape from an animal form to that of another human. Darens healing factor is a by-product of his shapeshifting ability. While it is not as powerful as the mutant known as Wolverine, it has kept Daren alive so far.


Codename: Flash
Name: Clark Kent
Occupation: Student
Citizenship: US Citizen
Legal Status:
Identity: Secret
Birthplace: Krypton, Los Angeles
Birthdate: 10/06/
Marital Status: Single
Known Relatives: (if any) None, all deceased
Base of Operations: Formerly California, Westchester
Group Affiliation: Hopefully X-Men

Origin: Believes himself to be a mutant
Height: 5'10"
Weight: 172 lbs.
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Black
Age: 18
Skin: Caucasian
Build: Broad
Black Leather Jacket, black jeans, black leather boots
Black clothe shirt, Black Raybans, A white lightning bolt emblem
on the back of his jacket matching the emblem he wore
on his high school uniform

Known Powers:
Altered (Kryptonian) Physiology: Solar Absorption and Storage that provides Flash with enhanced
Agility, Strength, and Endurance Ranks listed under statistics. He also uses this energy to recover lost health, though he does not have a Healing Factor. He may also direct this stored energy 
to enhance the following abilities:

Heat Emission-Eyes: Flash can emit his body's stores of solar radiation through his eyes.

Invulnerabilities: Flash has a high degree of resistance to Heat, Cold, Disease, Corrosives, Toxins and Radiation. His body's cells protect him internally as well so even his insides wouldn't 
be melted by drinking a vial of acid.

Body Resistance: Flash's dense Kryptonian body provides him with protection from physical and Energy attacks.

Enhanced Strength: Flash can lift up to 50 tons, though he doesn't know the full extent of his strength at present.  

Hyper Speed: Flash is fast. He can go from 0-60 inside of two seconds and has reached bursts of up to 120 mph on unbroken ground.

Enhanced senses - Clark's vision and hearing are more acute than normal.  His hearing extends into subsonic and ultrasonic frequencies.
His vision allows him to see farther and also make out detail at a much higher resolution (microscopic vision though not quite as refined yet).  He has also developed X-ray vision, though 
lead and other dense or thicknesses of metals can obscure it or render it useless.

Recovery: Flash's body continues absorbing solar radiation even after death. This energy may eventually return him to life making it virtually impossible to kill him.  This has never been tested and 
is as yet unknown to him.

Flash is vulnerable to Krytonite an irradiated ore from his home planet of Krypton. He is powered by a particular wavelength of light, which happens to be rather abundant in our sun. 
Kryptonite either destroys or interrupts this because it's radiation is in a band, which is similar to sunlight, but causes a different process to occur. In other words, the Kryptonite radiation 
"chases out" the sunlight. There are different spectrums of Kryptonite and its effects on Flash are as follows:

Green Kryptonite: causes his body's cells to deteriorate, similar to radiation poisoning in a human being. Exposure to Green Kryptonite causes Flash to lose all his powers over a short 
period of time. Continued exposure could result in death. Removal of the Green Kryptonite enables Flash's body to regain his strength and powers at the same rate that he lost them.

Red Kryptonite: causes bizarre changes in Flash's body. Changes in the past have included a berserk-madness rage and personal shrinking. It is up to the game judge to assign an 
effect at the time of the exposure to Red Kryptonite. These changes last for one day per round of exposure to the Red Kryptonite.

Flash also has a vulnerability to magic attacks and the effects of magic. Magical attacks directly effect Flash ignoring any resistances or invulnerabilities. Further more any 
magical effect is increased +1CS in rank and duration against Flash.

Flash has no resistances to telepathic assaults as yet.

Flash needs an Earth like atmosphere to breathe in. His Endurance enables him to last for extended period without holding his breath, but in space he will eventually need a
 space suit. His greater constitution (Endurance) provides little need for sleep, however eventually he will tire and require rest.

Flash's powers are based on solar radiation from Earth's yellow sun. Should he be deprived of this radiation for an extended period he will loose all his powers.

Equipment: None, just his outfit

Talents: Athletics, Fencing, and Thrown Objects

Contacts: None

Born on Krypton, he was sent in a spaceship as his homeworld was dying. His vessel was struck with debris from the exploding planet, sending it off course and 
through a black hole. The ship survived the passage and crashed on Earth off the beach in LA - His ship crashed on the beachfront property of Dr. Jonathan and 
Martha Kent, defense attorney to the stars. Childless, the two never thought much about kids until the ship tore up their backyard. Intrigued by the child, they 
had the ship buried under the house and adopted the boy. They gave him the best education possible. He went to private elementary as well as high school. 
In high school, he excelled on all the sports teams as well as graduating as the valedictorian.  His parents sent him on a tour through Europe for his graduation with 
his good friends Sam Jones and Lana Lang.  Tragedy struck when his parents were killed in Manhattan due to an attack by the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants. He did 
not find out until a few days after the attack of what happened. After the funeral, he discovered that his parents left all that was theirs to him as well as a note in his father's 
safe deposit box to go to a man named Charles Xavier in the event of his death before he turned 18. Booking a flight to Westchester, he took a taxi to the estate and 
is looking for the Professor.


Alias: Havok

Real Name: Alex Summers


Date of Birth:

Marital Status: Single

Height: 6 ft

Weight: 175 lbs.

Hair Color: Blonde

Eye Color: Brown

Skin Color (If applicable): white

Mutation (in simplistic terms): Can shoot plasma out of body.

Team Affiliation: x-men




Personality: Fun loving, scared that his powers might cause more problems than what they are worth.

Details on Mutation(s):
Havok is a mutant with the superhuman ability to absorb ambient cosmic energy into the cells of his body, transform it in an unknown manner, and release it as waves of energy that heat the air in their path enough to turn it into plasma. Should Havok direct his energy at the lowest level, he can project it towards a human being and his target will suffer a severe headache but will not burn up.

Special Notes:
Havok's body is constantly in the process of absorbing cosmic radiation. When each of his body's power-storage cell enclaves reaches its capacity, excess cosmic energy is thereafter absorbed and immediately re-emitted in negligible quantities. Upon the total expenditure of all his available energy, it takes Havok's body about 16.5 hours to recharge to its peak level. The act of concentration involved in releasing his energy in anything other than an omnidirectional wave is physically exhausting for Havok if he continues it over an extended period of time.

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