X-Men: Mutant Institute


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     There are very few rules in this game, so and most of them are in regard to posting format, so read on and don't complain!!  ^__^
1. No omnipotent characters!  In almost any other SIMM, I would not feel the need to state this, however; life in the mutant world is quite different.  People tend to go overboard when they come up with powers for their characters.  You may be as in depth, specific and complex about certain mutations as you like, just don't go overboard.
     If your character is going to be super strong and a huge combat fighter, it isn't fair for them to also be super fast and agile.  Someone who is pure muscle just isn't agile.  Its the laws of physics people.
     The moderators are in place to let you know if you need to tone it down, but it's a good idea to pay attention when you're writing the bio the first time so you don't have to modify your character later.
2.  BE WARNED!!  This SIMM is open to all ages, but I expect all players to be mature enough to handle the content of the posts.  There are no restrictions on language, violence, or sexual content.  Please do not think that this means you can go hog wild and have a foul-mouthed, extremely violent character that sleeps with everyone on the SIMM.  Lets stay within reason people!  If you have a character that drinks a lot and has a potty mouth, that's grand.  But every word out of his/her mouth does not need to be a curse word.  If you've got a character with some strange sexual drive (and I think someone out there knows where that comment comes from...*eyes a certain Arcadia buddy) go ahead and post away.  I only ask that what happens behind closed doors, STAYS behind closed doors.  Post a warning at the top, and don't write that kind of post all the time.  There's a time and a place for them.
That's it!!  There are no more general rules.  TWO!!  That's it!  Its not too much to ask!  But now comes the nitpicky stuff.  Just bear with me, please.
1.  All posts MUST have some kind of original title.  This makes backtracking easier and it keeps confusion down.  If you click "reply" on an e-mail, you MUST clear the subject line and replace it with the post's new title.  The titles don't have to be fancy, just something that identifies your individual post.  Please do not place any "tags" in the title or subject line.
2.  All posts MUST have the following header or some similar variation:
"Title"                                       *Title*                                          +Title+
Author                                       Author                                         Author
     It's pretty easy to see that the variations will just be a personal little thing you do to the title.  In the place marked "Title" insert the title of the post.  In the "Author" slot, please insert the name of the character (or characters in the case of a joint post or if you use more than one of your characters).  Please do not put YOUR name, put the CHARACTER'S name.
3.  All posts must end with one of the following footers:
OFF                    Off                       off
1.  The body of the post begins directly after the header and does not end until "OFF" has been written.  The only exception is a proper mid body OOC notation.
2.  All OOC (or Out of Character) comments should appear either before the header or at the bottom of the post after signing "OFF".  When an OOC appears at the beginning of the post, the OOC: notation must be used.  If it appears at the end of the post, no notation is needed as the "OFF" ends your In Character writing.
     Mid Body OOC comments are allowed, but they MUST be made in the following format.  Every Mid Body OOC comment must be surrounded by brackets [  ] and the OOC: notation must be located directly after the first bracket.  It will look like this:
                     [OOC: Remember that Rogue left in the last post.]
3.  After a post has been signed "OFF", you must leave some kind of "Tag" or "To Be Continued" notation.  If you wish to signal another character or characters that you have left them an opening, the tag will look like this:
                          Tag Cyclops!!
In the case of multiple character tags, just list all characters you've tagged.  PLEASE DO NOT TAG IN THE TITLE OR SUBJECT LINE.
4.  Things like radio communicators and telepathy are becoming more and more popular in real life as well as in RPGs.  To separate the different items, please use the following symbols to identify the different forms of communication:
=^=  =^=          for communication using a device (ie. radio, telephone, walkie-talkie, etc.)  the 
                        =^= =^= only goes around the dialogue of the person not physically present in the
                        post (the person whose voice is heard through the device)
*  *                  For telepathic communication (ALL telepathic communication must be surrounded
                       with the *  *)
>  <                 For something spoken in another language, but was translated for the benefit of the
"  "                  Used in normal face to face conversations
     Here are some examples of dialogue using the different symbols:
     Rogue picked up the communicator as it crackled to life.
     =^= Hello?  Can anybody hear me?=^= asked the voice on the other end.
    "Remy? Is that you?" Rogue replied.
     *Jean, you must be careful,* Professor Xavier told her silently as they headed to the door.
     *Don't worry, I will professor.  I always am* she responded.
     >I have come to save you,< the alien being spoke.  The language it spoke was unlike any they had heard before.
     "Did anyone understand that?" Logan asked, his wide eyes never moved from the creature before them.