X-Men: Mutant Institute
Danger Room


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     Just like all new X-Men must go through training before they can venture onto the filed, so must all new RPG Gammers.
     Here in the Danger Room, you will undergo training that will help you to understand the formats, styles, and expectations of our RPG.  With help from seasond characters and players, you and your character(s) will be taken on an action packed adventure in the Danger Room.
     No two people will have the same kind of training because no two people are alike.  The professors and X-Men assigned to the Danger Room only serve to point you in the right direction and help you in any way.  It is you alone who will determine the nature of your training.
     Depending on how often you post, your past RPG expierence, and how quickly you pick up the skills needed for field work, your Danger Room training can last for as short a time as one post or as long as a few weeks.  All students in trining will be listed below until they have graduated to field work.