X-Men: Mutant Institute


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       Years ago, after witnessing and being subject to unjust cruelty, a mutant named Charles Xavier opened a school for mutants.  His hope was to educate mutants in conventional means as well as to help these young men and women to understand, harness and control their powers.  Xavier brought these young men and women together with the hope that they would learn tolerance and coexistence with their human counterparts; to silently undermined the fear and mistrust humans showed towards mutants.

       Xavier began small; first he only took on two students, adults already possessing education, and helped them to harness their abilities.  Slowly, he began to take on more students, and eventually teachers.  Soon, his school had blossomed from two to dozens of students and half a dozen teachers.

       Searches for new students and protecting the school soon became top priorities for Xavier, as well as becoming increasingly difficult.  Along side his original students and a few of his teachers, Xavier recruited more mutants and created a team known simply as the X-Men.

       It is the job of the X-Men to protect the X-Mansion and those who live within as well as to find new students with the help of Xavier.

       This simple life cannot remain simple in the current world.  Anti-mutant campaigns and demonstrations have become increasingly popular in the past few years, while more new mutants appear every day.  Government officials threaten the safety and rights of mutants more and more. 

       Mutants, stepped upon, feared and threatened are forming Homo Superior groups, bent on wiping out the human race before it happens to them.  The X-Men have become crusaders for their cause, protecting humans and themselves from rationalist groups.

     The X-Men: Mutant Institute is a Play By E-Mail Role Playing Game (PBEM RPB) based on the adventures of the X-Men and their friends.  We do not stay to the Marvel set X-Men, anyone can be an X-Man.  While we tend to use Marvel as the jumping off point, we're pretty lax about the way you want to play the game.  Everyone is welcome, and there are very few restraints on the game.  This game is all about openess and originality.  If you have a character you want to play, go ahead and send it in!
     The game was designed with the player in mind.  All GMs participate in the game exactly as the players do (they are players themselves) and only step in for moderator reasons when absolutley necessary.  Missions are only begun and ended by Mods, and the entire content of the missions is entireley up to the imiginations of all those invoved.  Come on and join us!  We're always on the lookout for new players, there are no pre set positions, so join at will!