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Character Information: Hotshot

Alias - Hotshot

Real Name - Briana Maguire

Age - 18

Date Of Birth - May 17th, 1985

Marital Status - Single

Height - 5'9

Weight - 129 lbs.

Hair - Blonde/Brown

Eyes - Brown

Mutation (In Simplistic Terms):
     Hotshot has the ability to use anything as a weapon.  She also has superhuman hand/eye coordination.  In addition, she has the ability to generate 
a personal force field around herself, which protects her from most injuries.

Team Affiliation - X-Men

Place of Birth - Chicago, Illinois

     Computers, poetry, playing the piano, throwing darts, shopping, jogging

     High School - Chicago (Luther South) (1999 - 2003)

     Briana was born to a single mother in Chicago.  She had never met her father...by her mother's choice.  Briana's father is the infamous assassin Bullseye.
Her mother, fearing what he might do with her, has kept her hidden as well as possible.
     Briana's upbringing was happy, if not overly comfortable.  She worked hard in school, trying to make a good future for herself.  Her mother died just after
Briana graduated high school.  Alone, she heard of a place for people with abilities like hers.  She has decided to go there and see what they can do to help her.

     Briana is a total pacifist.  She doesn't believe in violence...and will almost never strike someone first.  She only fights back if she believes her life is 
in danger.  She is very outgoing and personable...sometimes a little overly so.  She makes friends easily and is very likeable.

Details On Mutation:
     Abilities manifested at age 12.  People with above-average speed or agility could dodge one of her attacks.  Her force shield can last for sixteen hours.  
However, the more damage it takes, the less time she can maintain it.  Once it is down, she must recharge it before using it again.  It takes 36 hours to fully 
recharge.  If she uses it again before it is completely recharged, she doesn't have as much time as usual...and risks being injured. The shield cannot protect 
from light/sound attacks, and is ineffective against psychic attack. If she is holding something while her shield is up, and she drops it...she must lower her
shield to pick it back up.

Special Notes:
     Nickname is "Motormouth".
     Speaks with a slight, but noticeable Irish accent.

Knows nothing about her father.


Character Name - Misery

Real Name - Charlotte Arianna Fournier-Gibson-Maguire

Age - 26

Date of Birth - February 3rd, 1976

Marital Status - Single

Height - 5'9

Weight - 139 lbs.

Hair - Jet black

Eyes - Brown/green

Mutation (in simplistic terms):
     Misery absorbs physical injury and turns it into plasmatic energy.  She can release this energy in a focused stream as a weapon.

Team Affiliation - Undecided as yet

Place of Birth - Tampa, Florida

     Physical fitness (swimming, gymnastics, yoga, martial arts, and rock climbing), bowling, gambling (especially poker, blackjack, and betting on horse racing), cars, massage and acupressure

     High School - Attended King Senior H.S. in Tampa from 1990 to 1994.
College - Attended the University of Miami (Fl.) from 1994 to 1997.  Her major was psychology.

     She is of British/Thai descent.  Her father was an airline pilot and her mother was a photographer.  Both of them died in a plane crash when Misery was only four years old.  She was put into a 
foster home.  The Gibsons, her foster parents, were extremely strict and very religious.  Her foster father physically abused her.  After nine years of this abuse, she ran away.  Unfortunately, she was
located three months later and returned.  Shortly after her return, she was removed and placed in a new foster home.  Her new foster mother, Meghan Maguire, is an adult film star.  Charlotte still
stays in touch with Meghan.  After dropping out of college, Charlotte got a job as a stripper.  She makes her living doing that, as well as gambling extensively.

     Charlotte is slightly unstable.  She is an extreme bitch, and borderline sadomasochistic to boot.  She has a severe problem with men and authority figures.  She is very adventurous...there is little
that she hasn't tried or won't try.  When she feels like it, she can be very sensual and erotic.  She loves to flirt...mainly because she knows the power she has over men.  She is not above using her
good looks and sexual attractiveness to her advantage.

Details On Mutation:
     Her ability manifested when she turned thirteen.  She can release the energy bursts through her eyes or hands.  She can be physically injured through electricity or sonic attack, and is vulnerable
to psychic attacks.

Special Notes:
     *Nickname is Carly.
     *Drinks Mountain Dew constantly.
     *Likes to sleep late, and generally wears very little clothing,
accentuating her voluptuous figure.

Has eight tattoos:
     *Back of neck - Three Chinese symbols "Sensuality - Defiance - Impulsiveness"
     *Small of back - A multi-colored lizard
     *Surrounding her navel - Dolphin jumping over a sun
     *Right Ankle - Lace tribal band
     *Right Shoulder - Celtic design
     *Top of Right Breast - Lipsticked lip-prints
     *Left Calf - Chinese dragon
     *Right hip - A Butterfly on a rose

Has Ten Body Piercings:
     *3 - Right Ear
     *3 - Left Ear
     *Right Eyebrow
     *Right Side of Nose
     *Left Nipple

Speaks six languages fluently:
     *English, Spanish, French, Chinese, Thai, Italian

     *Food - Chinese, Italian, PB&J, Key Lime mousse cheesecake, white chocolate covered cherries, anything spicy.
     *Drinks - Mountain Dew, pink lemonade, root beer floats, champagne
     *Movies - Any, but prefers action
     *Music - Any, but prefers hard rock/heavy metal
     *Colors - Red, black, purple

     *Holds a 4th Degree Black Belt in Karate.
     *Also holds belts in Aikido and Tae Kwon Do.

*Has an airy, whispery voice. Speaks with a slight, but noticeable British accent.


Real Name: Unknown

Age:  875

Date of Birth: July 6, 1128

Marital Status: Single

Height: 6 4

Weight: 220lbs

Hair Color: Black

Eye Color: Blue

Skin Color (If applicable): Tanned

Mutation (in simplistic terms): Shadow Magic

Team Affiliation: Independent

Place of Birth: Scotland

Interests: Sword Techniques, Woodworking, and Singing

Education: Unknown

     Born in 1128 Scotland. ShadowVar grew up in a small village nestled into the Highlands. His father was a retired swordsman who instructed his son to follow in his footsteps as a man of honor. 
ShadowVar excelled at his swordplay and under his mothers tutelage he learned academics, which was extraordinarily rare for simple peasants. 
ShadowVar divulges little about his growth to power; he only mentions that he attracted the attention of an evil power that forced ShadowVar under his rule and as the man would say, Shadowed 
his life forever.
ShadowVar rebelled against his Dark Lord and his punishment ended him up in the dirty alley in present time.

     ShadowVar is a man lost to the shadows in more sense than one. He broods quietly, but is a man with a rigid code of honor that he is willing to maintain. ShadowVar is an intelligent man, but
is a bit reclusive and overwhelmed with the modern day. 

Details on Mutation(s):
In darkness ShadowVar's speed doubles.
     The ability to control light levels, except for sunlight within a 100-ft. radius.
     Fast healing due to the shadows filling in wounds.
     Darkvision of 120 ft.
     Three times a day, ShadowVar can call into the Plane of the Shadow to produce several figments of himself, like shadowy mirrors.
     Shadowstride  Can disappear from one shadowed location to another within 300 ft. once every 10 seconds.
     Once per day, ShadowVar can teleport without error to any shadowed location in the world.

Special Notes:
ShadowVar loses all his abilities in direct sunlight.


Alias: Storm

Real Name: Ororo Munroe

Age: Twenty

Date of Birth: November 8, 1986

Marital Status: Single.

Height: Five feet eleven inches

Weight: one hundred and twenty seven pounds.

Hair Color: White

Eye Color: Blue (white when using her powers)

Skin Color (If applicable): She's dark skinned. (Her mother was an African princess and her father was an American)

Mutation (in simplistic terms): She is a weather witch, in other words she can control and manipulate the weather around her.

Team Affiliation: X-men

Place of Birth: Manhattan, moved to Cairo when she was six months old with her parents.

Interests: She enjoys her gardens, spending time with those she calls friends and helping out where and when she can.

Education: She has only a eighth grade education level. But she is world wise and very savvy about the ways of the world as she's lived and traveled all over the world from Egypt to Africa to the United States.

Background: Storm is the descendant of an ancient line of African priestesses, all of whom have white hair, blue eyes, and the potential to wield magic. Her mother, N'Dare, was the princess of a tribe in Kenya. She married the American photojournalist David Munroe and moved with him to Manhattan, where Ororo was born.

Ororo's parents were killed, but she survived, buried under rubble near her mother's body. This traumatizing effect left Ororo with the severe claustrophobia that still afflicts her today. Homeless and orphaned, Ororo came under the tutelage of master thief Achmed el-Gibar. She became his prize pupil in thievery and in picking locks

Years later, feeling a strong urge to go south, Ororo journeyed alone across the Sahara Desert and finally reached her ancestors' homeland, the Serengeti Plain, which lies in the modern nations of Kenya and Tanzania. By this time her mutant power to control the weather had emerged, and she used them to help the local tribes, who worshipped her as a goddess.

Ororo remained with the tribes for years until Professor Charles Xavier recruited her into the new team of X-Men he was assembling. She was given the code name "Storm" after her power to affect the weather

Personality: She is kind and gentle, she always keeps her emotions under control and very rarely seems upset. She believes that everyone has good in him or her somewhere if they will only look for it.

Details on Mutation(s): Ororo's power of weather control is, in a word, awesome. She has complete control over all forms of weather, and can manipulate not only Earth's weather, but also the weather in outer space (notably the solar wind), on other planets, satellites (whether natural, such as the moon, or artificial), and in other dimensions (such as Limbo). Due to Ororo's link with Earth's biosphere, however, her control is most exact upon the earth. This link allows her more easily to understand the effects her weather control is having on other parts of the globe, and to compensate for this as best she can

Ororo can summon or banish rain -- from a tiny plant-watering rainstorm, to a raging monsoon (as she has been seen to do on occasion to quench Pyro's creations, for example). She can similarly create blizzard-like conditions, or simply generate ice, or anything in between. Her control of winds allows her to direct their force against opponents, to fly herself (at speeds exceeding 300 miles per hour; her control is complete enough that she can provide herself with air while doing so), or even to allow others to fly via her winds.

Ororo can summon lightning as well - she most typically projects it from her hands, but she has no need to do so; she can summon bolts or sheets, staggering the mightiest foe, or even use a ball of lightning for illumination, so great is her control. Ororo can control weather down to the humidity and temperature of her surroundings, as well. Ororo can even control the most destructive forces forms of weather, such as tornadoes and hurricanes, although to create or banish such weather would strain her mightily.

Ororo is also immune to the effects of extremes in temperature; she is as much at home in the snow as she would be in California's Death Valley. She can be harmed, mind you, by such weather-related phenomena as lightning, were they to affect her before she exerted control over them, but extremes in climate do her no harm.

Due to her elemental powers, Ororo normally has a bond with the Earth's biosphere. This assists her in wielding her power to control the elements, but also allows her a sort of empathy with things of nature as well. For example, she has been observed to be especially capable of sensing the health of plants; she seems most able, in fact, to determine when things are not as they should be (she would normally notice, for example, if a tree was diseased). Her empathy seems also at times to extend to people, normally those closely linked with, or strongly inimical to, the Earth itself.

Special Notes:

Strength level: Athlete

Flight speed: Subsonic (when propelled by winds)

Fighting skills: Excellent hand-to-hand combatant, trained by Wolverine

Special skills and abilities: Extraordinary ability at picking locks, excellent marksman with handguns

Special limitations: Storm's psionic powers over the weather are affected by her emotions; hence, if she does not maintain control of her emotions, a fit of rage might induce a destructive storm. Also, Storm suffers from severe claustrophobia.

Other accessories: Storm carries lock picks.

Name: Chris Styles

Code Name: Torch

Age: 26

Height: 6'4''

Weight: 182 lb.

Place of Birth: New York City

Mutant Powers: Pyrokinetic

Abilities: He can project fire with his mind and emotions

Personality: He is shy, quiet, and easy going, friendly, personal and very short tempered

Description: Tall, short black hair, brown eyes, medium sized body and fair colored skin

     Chris Styles was born and raised in New York City in the Bronx to David and Anna Styles, he has one brother named Rick and two sisters named Lisa and Dana who work at the NYPD
and his brother Rick fights for mutant rights. Chris had a hard and rough life growing up, his father knew he was a mutant and so did his mother and they didn't mind at all and protected
him at all times, his brother Rick worked on mutant rights to protect others like his brother and also one of his sisters are working on a Mutant Foundation project to take in lost and
abandoned mutants, she has become a Guardian to all mutant children. At the age of 17 Chris got a job at a pizza place and used
his powers to burn a rude customer's pizza, his boss found out about his mutant powers and threw him out after calling the police, lucky for Chris his sister got him out okay with just
a small fine.  Chris wanted to get away from this life and entered Xavier's School for Gifted Youngsters and about a year later he was accepted and his parents took him to the school in

hopes that he would find a better life and maybe make some new friends.


Alias:  Vixen

Real Name:  Sonja Chernov

Age: 21

Date of Birth: 3/21

Marital Status: Single

Height: 55

Weight: 120lbs

Hair Color: Long, Red, and wavy

Eye Color: Ice Blue

Skin Color:  Very Pale

Mutation:  Were-Fox...sorta

Team Affiliation:  none yet

Place of Birth: Moscow, Russia

     Martial Arts-Shes quite the expert.    Stunts-Shes one of the best stuntwomen around.  Music-Everything from Classical to Punk can please her.  The
calm stuff for thinking, and a pounding beat for letting go.  Drawing-Her sketchbook is her secret joy...and something she has yet to let anyone see.

     Sonja is a well-educated young woman, although she never bothered to earn a formal degree, instead pursuing her love of physical mastery.

     Sonja came from a loving household.  Her parents encouraged her both to expand her mind and learn to master her body.  Looking back on her childhood
now she can notice how unusual her life had been...but at the time she was happy and healthy without a concern in the world.  
     Unfortunately...we cant stay children forever.  
     When Sonjas powers first developed, she told her parents immediately.  They encouraged her to hide them completely, and yet learn how to use them in private.
When she turned 18 they sent her to America where she got her first job as a movie stuntwoman.  In the years that passed she never questioned the odd requests her
father or one of his friends would ask of her.  Not until the day she finally realized what position her father had in the government.  He had been a spy.  And now
they expected her to pick up where he had left off.
     Her father had hoped to save her from recruitment by sending her to America, but instead he had made her an even more valuable resource.  Fearing a life that
would involve even more secrets than the one big one she already had would have been reason enough for her to flee, but the fact that her skills would make her a
perfect assassin decided her.  Now she is in hiding in NY City, praying her family will not pay the price for her refusal to become a government sanctioned murderer.

     Sonja is outgoing and known to be more than a little reckless.  That is not to say she doesnt have her quiet, thoughtful times.  She does.  Usually
accompanied by soft music and her much beloved sketchbook.  She is quick to temper and quick to merriment, taking pleasure in both creation and destruction.  She was
raised with a moral code; one that she only recently discovered that her father did not hold himself to.  Despite that, she still feels strongly about protecting the
weak and killing only as a last resort.

Details on Mutation(s):  
     Sonja has low-level super-strength and durability in both of her forms.  In her Fox/human hybrid form she grow exceptionally strong claws and
fangs and gains low level super speed, high level heightened senses, and exceptional healing rate that she can share with others by licking their wounds.  Her scent
becomes that of a normal fox in hybrid form as well.

Special Notes: 
     She also exudes low-level pheromones in both of her forms, although the affect is minor unless someone is either right up close to her or has enhanced
sense of smell.  Since she is a mutant, not a true were-beast, she has no aversion to silver.  However, any 'wild' weather causes her restlessness to grow and she 
becomes a bit 'wild' herself.


Alias: Wildstrike

Real Name: Marie Shadowhawk

Age: 17

Date of Birth: April 26th

Marital Status: single

Height: 4'6 (Changed) 7

Weight: 97 lbs. (Changed) unknown

Hair Color: black (Changed) White

Eye Color: green

Skin Color (If applicable): dark/Native American reddish golden brown

Mutation (in simplistic terms): shapeshifer/1 alternate form

Team Affiliation:

Place of Birth: Canada

Interests: shamanic magic, especially elemental forms, a good fantasy

Education: High School (Home schooled)


     Raised by an Indian shaman,(her grandfather) until she turned 16, she learned much of the shamanic magics of her people. However, what she had not told him (Though he knew anyway) was that at the age of 14, she discovered the mutant power to shift into a form that her grandfather told her was that of a wendigo. He kept her from using her powers as long as he was alive, but when he died, told her only, "Seek out a place where you can learn what I cannot teach you." That's what led her here


     Meek at first, kind of shy, she seems something fragile, maybe weak or fearful, but she's not. She is reluctant to speak of her skills or powers unless they are needed, but then she will use them freely to help someone she considers a friend. She is unusually calm due to the discipline she has to have to use the things she was taught in her home, but with a hidden core of passion that usually shows only when she uses her mutant power to change

Details on Mutation(s):

     The ability to shift into a form she thinks of as a wendigo, for its similarity to the creature of legend. When in wendigo form, she cannot be hurt without being healed almost instantly. She also has a lesser ability to use her hands, only able to make broader gestures and to hold things. She cannot speak as wendigo, the form limits her to howls and growls, and though it is possible for her to one-day say some words in her other form.


     Is vulnerable as a human, and takes several moments to begin the change. Also has trouble returning to human, taking far longer to do so...Needs glasses in her human form..

Special Notes:

     Her shamanic magic is primarily elemental, allowing her to sometimes manipulate the basic elemental forms (Earth, fire, wind, and water) in simple action, such as keeping her dry in rain. That is the extent of what she can do without ritual preparation.